Tips to Beat Post-Mastectomy Holiday Stress

Tips to Beat Post-Mastectomy Holiday Stress

What do you get when you combine mastectomy recovery with the holiday season? Unfortunately, you might just get a whole mess of stress. 

Between having to shop for gifts, deal with crowds, and focus on healing, we understand that this can be a busy, tiring, and stressful time for you—so, we’d like to help! No, we haven’t found the cure-all for stress (yet) but we can share some tips to help you manage your stress during this hectic time in your life. Check out our best beat-the-holiday-stress-while-trying-to-heal seasonal tips below. 

Make a List. Check it Twice. 

Writing things down helps to manage the overwhelming feelings of stress. Not only is it cathartic to “get it out”, it’s also super helpful to organize and prioritize your thoughts. Start by listing out all the tasks you intend to complete—be it holiday tasks or recovery to-dos. Once created, keep revisiting this list to add, edit, or remove any tasks. 

Pro Tip: Geek out with a spreadsheet! 

Organize tasks digitally to easily delete and reprioritize tasks in real time. 

Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. 

Not that you need us telling you, but here’s a friendly reminder: just say no. Sure, we all want to be superwoman—particularly during the holiday season—but you’ve got to watch out for #1…you!

Even though you’ve made your list and checked it twice (maybe even thrice), know that it’s totally ok to nix anything that doesn’t work for you. What matters most is your physical health and emotional well-being. So say no to events that drain you, say no to baking for the group, say no to dealing with crowds! Your health and energy comes first so get comfortable with letting go of “to-dos” to focus on healing and spending time with loved ones. 

Pro Tip: Embrace cancel culture! 

Revisit your list and cancel any tasks or events that might drain you.

Get Creative 

As you create your holiday/well-being checklist, you’re probably putting your best foot forward and writing down as many tasks as you can think of. Totally get it, we’re all guilty of having the best of intentions—but sometimes we all fall short. So even after prioritizing and editing, your list may still seem daunting so now is the time to get creative! 

Socially drained? Ditch a holiday gathering for a comfy at-home zoom party instead. Not enough time? Forget the long hours in the kitchen and buy a prepared dish instead. Feeling overbooked? Schedule some down time—seriously, book “me time” in your calendar.

Generally overwhelmed? Know that it’s ok to ask for help, we think your loved ones will be happy to help. 

Pro Tip: Good enough is good enough! 

Remember, it’s the thought that counts so cut yourself slack some slack. 

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