Meet the Original Muse

Meet the Original Muse

Every founder has a muse, for Jasmine Jones it’s her grandmother. 

We sat down with Jasmine to ask what inspires her and about the role her grandmother played in the creation of Myya:

Q: Why is your grandmother the original Muse? 

A: She’s been an inspiration to me my entire life and Myya is a testament to that. I’ve known about her diagnosis since I was born so I saw how difficult post-mastectomy shopping was for her. She couldn’t find the right shades or any comfortable fits...and she shopped in medical supply stores! I felt that my grandmother deserved better, so I worked hard to bring Myya to life. 

 Q: What is your favorite memory of her? 

A: Definitely the holidays we spent together. We had huge celebrations with big Christmas trees, elaborate decorations, and delicious food. But mainly, I remember how she showed so much love to everyone. 

Q: Is that what sparked your interest in post-mastectomy bras and prostheses? 

A: Definitely! Here’s an example: I know that she liked to save her breast forms for special occasions and ‘go flat’ most days. But what if she had better products with more options? She might’ve found a more comfortable fit that’s flattering and affordable -- a fit that she wanted to wear every day. Just imagining how I could help survivors like her drives me to do my best every day.  

 Q: Last but not least: If she could give you some advice right now, what would it be? 

A: I’d like to think she’d tell me to keep doing what fulfills me and makes me happy. I know that she would be incredibly proud of the work that we do and the lives that we touch every day. 

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