Does insurance cover everything?

Insurance coverage for eligible items depends on your benefits. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our insurance concierge team will verify your benefits and let you know what your out-of-pocket cost is per item.

Do I need to submit receipts to insurance?

We bill your insurance directly, so no receipts, no waiting for reimbursements. There is no insurance paperwork for you.

Can I use my FSA/HSA card to pay for my items?

You can use your FSA/HSA to purchase any items that are eligible for reimbursement. Not sure what is covered? No worries, we’ve indicated FSA/HSA eligible items with the XX symbol throughout our site!

Why do you need a credit card on file?

Fit is everything for the team at Myya. That’s why we provide a 7-day at-home try-on period for your Fitting Experience. Once you’ve picked your favorite pieces, we charge your insurance or credit card so that you have the most seamless shopping experience possible.

What is a Certificate of Medical Necessity?

Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) is an official state document that establishes why you need certain medical supplies (in this case, bras, breast forms, and post-surgical recovery items). It lets insurance companies know that you’ve seen a physician, and that the physician has determined you need medical supplies as part of your treatment. Each state has its own requirements for what information needs to be included.
This may include:
Doctor’s diagnosis
Product type
Quantities needed

How will you get my Certificate of Medical Necessity?

We’ve made that easy for you! Our Myya software allows us to connect directly with your physician to request the CMN. If we’re unable to obtain it from them for any reason, we may reach out to you for help.