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Are your post-mastectomy patients feeling nervous about shopping for prostheses and bras?

Let’s change that.

We’re Myya, the only website using Certified Mastectomy Fitters to help people across the country discover breast prostheses, perfect-fitting bras, and a whole lot of confidence! We’re here to “take it from here” and we’d love your recommendation.


Making intimates-shopping intimate, again.

For many patients, shopping for new intimates can be an anxious occasion. Not only are they juggling emotions and discomfort, they’ll soon find limited product options, sterile shopping environments, and increased insurance hassles.

But it’s different with Myya. We handle the insurance, help find the right products, and bring expertise and empathy. All they have to do is relax, get comfortable, and browse our beautiful collection of prostheses, bras, and more.

Meet The Myya Experience

We may be new in town but don’t let that fool you -- we’ve fit over a thousand women in the DC area and we’re just getting started. When your patients visit us, they get an expert-fitting performed at their level of comfort. With or without clothes, virtually at home or live at the boutique. We also handle all the insurance stuff like coverage verification and pricing communication.

The Myya Experience is designed for their convenience and comfort. When you write a prescription order for Myya, you can rest easy knowing your patient is in expert hands.

Health Benefits
  • sizing-icon
    Our clients love how easy it is to shop

    Insurance filing gets handled

    Monthly shopping allocation reminders

    Wide variety of shades, sizes, and products

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    Health benefits of a prosthesis

    Prevents irritation and discomfort

    Helps protect the chest area and mastectomy scars

    Improves balance, posture, and back pain

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    Your patients will love our at-home services

    Myya Virtual Fitting Experience from the comfort of home

    Immunocompromised patients can shop from their house

    People across the country get expert help with prostheses

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