How to Properly Care for your Breast Prosthesis

How to Properly Care for your Breast Prosthesis

If you want to protect and extend the life of your prosthesis, then it’s important to invest in your investment. With proper care and use, your prosthesis can stay better-preserved for longer, saving you money and creating less waste. 



  •  Use a gentle soap to hand wash every  few days, or when you’re in hot, humid weather.
  • Wash after sweating or use in chlorine pool. 
  • Do dry gently with a soft cloth or towel.


  • Do not apply lotion, perfume, or deodorant near your prosthesis.
  • Avoid use of scented soaps and essential oils. 
  • Do not leave out. When not in use, store prosthesis in its original box to preserve shape.


Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Prosthesis:

Has your weight recently changed?

Weight fluctuations can affect the fit of your prosthesis. Make an appointment with a Certified Mastectomy Fitter for a complimentary re-fitting. 

How's your prosthesis looking? 

Appearance of cracks or splits may indicate that the prosthesis is wearing out and losing its shape. It might be time to shop for a new prosthesis.

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